toby chanter

Toby Chanter

Digital Immersion and Interaction: a platform for interrogating the intersubjective and in-between of medical encounters (Plymouth University) 2017 -

This project aims to examine the simulated and technology mediated training methods in medical education. Exploring specifically their impact on understanding and approaching the medical encounter.


Do these educational practices stray too far from the messy, situated, and ambiguous experiences of illness and suffering? Does patient simulacra and role play benefit or mis-educate? Do these un-real and decontextualized exercises produce an increasing spatial and affective distance between practitioner and patient or develop essential clinical skills?


Using an immersive and interactive digital arts practice to articulate the above themes, this research project will explore indirect ways of engaging with and examining the medical encounter as a site of meaningful experience and exchange. By foregrounding arts practice in medical education, the potential knowledge and experience gap formed by reductionist and materialist modes of biomedical conceptualisation and clinical practice can be interrogated.


Supervision Team: Dr Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley (Director of Studies), Professor Mike Phillips and Dr Daniel Grey