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Rachael Jones

Landscape, Loss and Imagination: the potential for an experimental documentary to explore and invigorate cultural connections with the land (Falmouth University) 2018 -

The project will explore how the physical, material and cultural landscape in Cornwall can be re-imagined through arts-based participatory practices and interpreted through the medium of an experimental documentary film. I will be facilitating workshops led by local artists with rural community groups whose livelihoods do not necessarily interact with their immediate landscape. We will explore ways of re-imagining the landscape, generating visual artefacts and writings that will eventually feed into the film. Much of the inspiration in the workshops will be stimulated by stories about the landscape as experienced through major industrial trades that have left their physical mark. These will be represented by archive materials: photographs, films and interviews. The film itself will consist of this content (archive materials and workshop generated visuals) and additional footage and interviews that I will capture both digitally and using analogue film. The intention is to bridge gaps between research, arts practice, entertainment and community engagement by employing experimental strategies. Moreover, to venture new insights, connections and engagement by considering past relationships to the land that may have disappeared along with land-based industries such as mining and quarrying.


Supervision Team: Professor Chris Morris (Director of Studies), Dr Laura Canning and Dr Neil Chapman


Contact: RJ152888@falmouth.ac.uk