rachael allain

Rachael Allain

Above and Below the Horizon: an experimental practice-led investigation into the Liminal and Subliminal (University of Plymouth) 2018 -

My practice as research focuses on the liminal and subliminal thresholds of the physical and metaphorical horizon. I will use experimental film, photography, sound and scientific data to explore the realms of the physical and perceptual qualities of the area above and below the watery horizon. My artistic methodology allows for a reflection on the ruptures that exist between photographic lens and lens less optical devices. My experiments use the temporal, alchemical properties of analogue film as well as the immediacy of rapidly evolving digital scientific imagery.

My practice will identify a need to draw out resonances of the horizon across different kinds of image making, using lens less pinhole photography, digital scientific visualization, and film.

My research interests are situated in discovering the interface between digital processes and traditional methods within the visible and invisible realm, in order to capture the juncture above and below the horizon line.

Supervision Team: Prof Liz Wells (Director of Studies), Dr Kayla Parker and Heidi Morstang

Contact: rachael.allain@plymouth.ac.uk