Lucie Hernandez

Investigating the Contribution of Craft Practice to the Design of E-Textile Interfaces for Enhanced Embodied Interaction (Falmouth University) 2014 -

This research aims to establish the value of craft in the design of e-textile objects and experiences. The research explores how ‘value’ arises through collaborative, creative processes through the construction of a series of practical projects, which engage the expertise of different people.  Each project applies material sensibilities to hybrid forms of e-textile interface giving textiles a central position for their role in promoting expressive experiences.


The methodology generates knowledge through individual and collaborative creative action and adopts craft principles and practices to frame the practice portfolio. Mixed methods acknowledge the interplay between skill, co-creation and meaning development, influenced by pragmatic concepts that situate ‘thinking-through-making’ as a site for discovery. The study proposes a framework to reflect and analyse the practice, to evaluate experiences, reception and locate value using emergent approaches to insight generation.


The research contributes a framework that advocates a materially led approach to practice interwoven with concerns that engage collaborative, sensorial and aesthetic interaction. Analysis of the findings promotes qualitative outcomes including personalisation, multisensory engagement, and social value, indicating that applications of the framework can support more enriching design contexts that engage technology.


Supervision Team: Professor David Prior (Director of Studies), Dr Justin Marshall