Lisa Sheppey

Lisa Sheppy

Revitalising the underglaze tissue print process with new technologies to be reimagined for both the ceramics industry and designer-maker practice (University of the West of England) 2017 -

Lisa Sheppy’s research project aims to revitalise an extensive archive of historic patterns once used to produce underglaze tissue print production for transfers at Burleigh Pottery. These patterns have been not been in the public domain for 100 years and even though the tissue print process is still in use, Burleigh is the last pottery in the UK to use this traditional hand made process. This is potentially a problem facing the future of this heritage industry. This collaborative project between the Centre for Fine Print Research and Burleigh Pottery will potentially aim to protect this ‘artisan process’ and result in the acquisition of new knowledge and technological improvements in the production of its patterns combined with new improved printing processes.


Lisa Sheppy’s research interests are founded on the ‘material evocative object’ re-imagining new responses to the historic narrative with relevance to contemporary contexts. Many of her projects have led to exhibitions in both site sensitive and specific environments to allow for a diverse visiting audience.


Originally from a Fine Art background Lisa has been working with glass and printmaking since graduating with a distinction from her MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking at UWE in 2009. Since then she has developed an inter-disciplinary approach to practice by expanding the potential of craft based processes, such as kiln fired glass with digital print technologies whilst maintaining the hand-made sensibility.


Supervision Team: Prof. Stephen Hoskins (Director of Studies), David Huson, Tavs Jorgensen



Email: sheppey 2