Laura Kriefman

Augmented Choreography: Methodology for Digital Dance in the 21st Century (University of Plymouth) 2018 -

This PhD is exploring the potentialities of Augmented Choreography, and is investigating what Augmented Choreography tools & practices bring to the creative practice.


Augmented Choreography is an emergent practice at the intersection of movement, technology & audience. It challenges where movement can be encountered, what is classed as dance, who can dance, & how movement/ dance is created.


Augmented Choreography focuses on the fusion between movement & technology. It explores the ‘enriched’ (Diego Bernini, Giorgio De Michelis, 2011) physical & choreographic form that technology enables. This disruptive new form has been increasingly adopted by dance artists worldwide since the release in 2002 of Isadora & Mididance by Troika Ranch (Broadhurst 2008).


My research aims and objectives will focus on interrogating the creative & choreographic practices needed for Augmented Choreography. I will define the founding principles of Augmented Choreography & substantiate these with examples of best practice.


Supervision Team: Ruth Way (Director of Studies), Dr Ladron de Guevara, Professor Mike Phillips