Kate Rich

Feral MBA (University of the West of England) 2018 -

The Feral MBA is a proposal for a radically different kind of business school, part-in and part-out of the University, where artists and other researchers would gather to investigate new shapes for business and enterprise for a fundamentally reimagined economy. Its objective is to bridge the gap between alternative economic theories (feminist, ecological, non-market-driven), diverse exemplary business practices (in the arts and elsewhere), and hands-on experimentation in and with business.


This project is grounded in an emergent, feminist reading of economics which reframes ‘the economy’ not as a separate domain of profit-driven transactions, but as diverse and interconnected practices of sustenance and livelihood. While scholarship in this area has centred on the discursive power of articulating a multiplicity of activities as also being ‘economic’, the Feral MBA aims to translate this thinking to the new context of active experiments with business. Moving beyond the prospect of harnessing creative practice from the arts to enhance (or mitigate) the conduct of business-as-usual, the aim of the Feral MBA is to engage at a much deeper level, with the intention that artists might design radically different formats, values and outcomes for and in business itself.


Supervision Team: Dr Teresa Dillon (Director of Studies), Professor Jon Dovey


Contact: kate2.rich@live.uwe.ac.uk