Jerry Padfield

Broadening Participation in Community Radio: Overcoming Barriers through Digital Technology (Falmouth University) 2018 -

Community Radio in the UK started in earnest in 2004 growing quickly to the point there are now over 280 stations across the country. Participation in Community Radio improves health and wellbeing and can play a vital role in proper governance, gender equality and reducing poverty. However, women, people with disabilities, rural communities and people over 60 are currently under-represented across Community Radio and therefore not receiving the social and health benefits of participationThis practice-led research project, informed by Participatory Action Research, will use emerging technologies such as WebRTC/WebAudio, as well as digital audio and open source software to address the demographic divide in Community Radio. I will work in collaboration with members of the under-represented groups to create broadcast content for Community Radio stations across Cornwall. The project will devise a methodology for broadening participation in Community Radio and measure the transformative impact increased participation can have on individuals in rural environments.


Supervision Team: Dr Danielle Barrios-O’Neill (Director of Studies), Dr Neil Fox and Professor David Prior; Richard Brown (Advisor)