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Drew Turner

Our Future Home: how illustrated narrative can help a generation (re)imagine their future living conditions (Falmouth University) 2018 -

The UK is experiencing a crisis of housing. Even the government believes the current model is broken. Architecture designed for shared living is considered to be a possible solution with successful examples coming from Europe, but an Englishman’s home is his castle! How can new living concepts be presented to a society that favours tradition? I propose that this question and others like it, can be answered by utilising illustrated narratives.  


An illustrated narrative communicate ineffably. The illustrator as researcher, constructs an aesthetic language of signs which provide the reader with an experience or re-experience of a given subject. “It is indeed through this reexperiencing – not through a logical form of discourse, nor through the acceptance of a linear argument or explanation – that what we call deep persuasion might occur” (Barone & Eisner, 2012) 


This practice-based exploration of future homes will culminate in the development of 3 illustrated stories made using traditional and digital techniques. The stories will be presented to participants to facilitate discussion. I aim to develop a method of using illustration and storytelling to encourage “deep persuasion” and to discover meaningful insights into how young people imagine themselves living in future homes. 


Supervision Team: Dr Mark Leahy (Director of Studies), Frances Crow, Dr Francisco Sousa Lobo


Contact: DT221984@falmouth.ac.uk