Dane Watkins

When Animation met the Internet of things (Falmouth University, Digital Economy) 2015—

The main aim is to use the playfulness in animation to critique and improve human  engagement with the Internet of Things (IoT).


To achieve this aim I will build playful animated interfaces that expand the narrow focus of functional design in Human Computer Interface (HCI) design by drawing on and contributing to the breadth of visual styles and techniques in animation. This research will make a unique contribution to knowledge through the production of a toolkit which will enable IoT smart services to be playful, engaging and critical of their context.


Animation has been traditionally confined to the timeline, a linear sequence of events. IoT enables animation to respond to events outside of itself such as user interactions or external sensors. My research will investigate how embedded animations can move away from the timeline, become more aware of their environment and respond to external events. How can animations in a fixed space respond to their environment and interact with passersby?


Supervision Team: Prof. Tanya Krzywinska (Director of Studies), Dr. Douglas Brown, Prof. Mike Philips (Plymouth)