Christiana Kazakou

Hybrid Narrative Environments: a 'beyond disciplinary' approach for intermediating art and science discourse (University of Plymouth) 2018 -

This research explores curatorial models that break new ground beyond the subject and adapt to emerging technologies; acting as mediators for the inter-complexities within the art & science discourse. The study addresses the absence of ‘hybrid environments’ that intermediate existing systems for navigating conversations, communicating, sharing practices and encouraging open ended collaborative and creative exploration. The lack of meaningful interaction between complex and human systems (communities, culture, societies, cities, organisations and individuals) is often determined by social, political and geographic factors setting spatial parameters. This study investigates curatorial approaches to mediate art & science discourse that contribute to understanding other disciplinary perspectives & practices, foster trans disciplinary dialogues and bridge networks, territories, places and spaces. By de-constructing a set of processes, practices, case studies, initiatives & ecosystems; it looks at ‘spatial’ perspectives; where those synergies shape and the possibilities of creating a hybrid co-existence by using ‘narrativasion’ to convey meaning and social reform between variables that suggest possible worlds from a micro to a macro standpoint.


The research objectives are:


– To develop ‘responsive’ curatorial strategies that reflect to emerging technological trends & behaviors in the context of a complex curatorial praxis.

– To generate prototypes for hybrid environments that facilitate ‘beyond disciplinary’ and ‘post-medium’ conversations; enable new modes of collaboration that translate into spaces of meaning, uncertainty and curiosity.

– To reflect & design techniques that enable inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary communication for art and science creative convergence.


Research Interests: curatorial practice, art and science practices, spatial – cultural and communication theory, trans-disciplinary methodologies and processes, complexity science, social and universal design, computational design thinking, design research, mental and conceptual modelling, systems theory and diagramming, narrative and action research, social & open innovation.


Supervision Team: Professor Mike Phillips (Director of Studies), Dr Gianni Corino and Dr Jane Grant