Birgitte Aga

The Artificial Stream of Consciousness and the Emergence of Intimate Data Daemons (Plymouth University, iDAT) 2015—

The confluence of real time and predictive data with human sensory input is influencing individual experience and behaviour. As such systems become increasingly ubiquitous and pervasive the distinction between artificial inputs and independent thought becomes ambiguous. Here, at the verge of an evolution of algorithms, we see the dawn of systems that can evolve, observe, experiment, and learn outside of predetermined frameworks set by humans (Rothblatt, 2014). With the symbiotic integration of such algorithms with human consciousness, the limits of the human body become ambiguous. This triggers “new modalities of human-technology relations” and offers “the physical and cognitive substance of human body” new dimensions and predictive futures (Uğur, 2013, pp.22-23).


This research does not attempt to define the enigma of consciousness, but proposes the emergence of an artificially augmented ‘stream of consciousness’ as multiple narrative fragments and image experiences of past, present and predictive futures. It will look for questions rather than answers in proposing a near future where instead of ‘living’ our future based on our past [memories] we will be living ‘backwards’ based on artificially and accurately predicted futures [memories].


This research will prototype intimate data-driven and narrative based experiences, as augmentations of the stream of consciousness, to question the use of such predictive algorithms and personal data for human enhancement and commercial gain. The intention is to propose such as inner sites of enchantment, rather than optimisation and exploitation.


Supervision Team: Prof. Mike Philips (Director of Studies), Dr. Matthew Emmett

Birgitte Aga