Photo Credit: Creative technologies at UWE Bristol

UWE Bristol

UWE Bristol invites applications to undertake practice-led research that focuses on any area of digital design, digital media or digital arts.
Applicants may nominate any appropriate Directors of Study based in the Departments of Arts and Cultural IndustriesArt and Design  or Film and Journalism. However, we particularly encourage applications which relate to the research of one of the following two research centres: Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) and the Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC).  Each research centre has a track record of supervising interdisciplinary practice-led research projects in creative design, creative media and creative arts and has a particular focus on digital practices, digital culture and engagement with digital technologies.

Centre for Fine Print Research

Established in 1998, the CFPR conducts internationally acclaimed practical research into the artistic, historical and industrial significance of creative print practices, processes and technologies, involving collaborations with a variety of practitioners, institutions and commercial users. Our research is based on the production of the physical artefact, primarily predicated in print. All aspects of technology that relate to the core philosophy of making are central to this ethos. Our focus is on the close relationship that exists between technology, ideas and craft skills as understood in a visual environment.
Although our research is primarily initiated from a visual perspective, it is inexorably linked to industrial development and new technologies. By adapting to changing demand in the marketplace and the requirements of the user, we are able to conduct research that has direct application to industry, creative design, science and art.
Our long term vision is to capitalise on our strengths to work in new and innovative ways towards novel surface print, design and fabrication in 2 and 3 dimensions combining a multi-technology approach – using novel materials and processes to push forward new ideas and innovation.
Our key research areas are 3D and 2.5D print and fabrication, colour, wide-format print and artists’ publishing. For further information, please contact Professor Carinna Parraman, CFPR Director,

The Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC)

DCRC research addresses the practices and socio-cultural meanings of emerging media. In a context of transforming media cultures, in which established methods of producing and understanding media are undergoing rapid change, we map and contextualise emerging practices and critically reflect on their aesthetics, ethics and impacts. The unique character of the DCRC is our mix of criticality, creativity and application. DCRC research seeks to make an impact by creating new knowledge about creative media applications in real world contexts, and about everyday life in today’s digital media ecology.
Research interests within the DCRC network include: immersive media, emerging documentary forms, ambient literature, repair cultures, techno-civic interfaces, the automation of cultural production and AI, augmenting the city, critical making, speculative design, cultural value, producing in the creative economy and repair, reuse and maintenance cultures.
DCRC researchers are also engaged in research in association with the Bristol VR Lab, a new space for research, development, product design, teaching, company incubation and investment within Virtual and Augmented Reality, in which UWE Bristol collaborates with the BBC, Bristol’s We Are the Curious Science Lab, Opposable VR – organisers of VR World Congress. We welcome proposals relating to the above themes, or which may involve working with our partners. 
For further information about research in these areas, please contact Mandy Rose DCRC Director