Proposed Director of Studies: Dr Ed Powley


Professional Partner: TBC


Project Details: 


The MetaMakers Institute and the Games Academy at Falmouth University, Cornwall, invites applications for a three-year full-time Doctoral studentship, fully funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), to undertake research into the application of decision-making artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to the domain of Computational Creativity.


Computational Creativity is a sub-field of AI, seeking to produce AI systems that create art, music, stories, software, etc. Computational Creativity goes beyond “mere generation”, aiming to produce software that can appraise its own creations and act as an inspiration, assistant and collaborator for (human) creatives.


Game playing is one of the oldest and most important problem domains for AI, from Samuel’s work on Checkers in the 1950s through to IBM’s Deep Blue in the 1990s and Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo in recent years. The game designer Sid Meier describes a game as “a series of interesting decisions”. This description could be applied to many activities, from logistics planning to the creation of an artistic work. Thus it is reasonable to apply to other domains the techniques developed for making decisions within games. Groundbreaking new techniques such as Monte Carlo Tree Search and Deep Learning, which have produced world-class AI players for many challenging games, are ripe for wider application.


The successful applicant will investigate the use of decision-making game AI for creative tasks. It is expected that the applicant will specialise in a particular area of creativity in which they have relevant experience. Such areas may include visual arts, music, poetry, narrative, or computer programs; other proposals are welcome. They will work within the MetaMakers Institute and the Games Academy alongside internationally renowned researchers in game AI and Computational Creativity, as well as expert practitioners in digital art, animation, audio production, writing, video game design and software engineering.


Applicants can be expected to attend an interview and demonstrate:


  • imaginative and viable preliminary ideas for research into this subject area
  • an appreciation of the nature of PhD study and of both independent and collaborative research
  • clear motivation for undertaking PhD study in Falmouth in this subject area
  • evidence that you have, or can develop, the skills required to start the proposed research


Applicants should have a good undergraduate degree in a relevant area and relevant post-graduate degree or industry experience in a cognate area.


For an informal discussion about the studentship, please email: