Applicants may propose work with existing Bristol VR Lab (BVRL) partners, or projects rooted in new partnerships.


Base: UWE Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC)

Mentors: Professor Jon Stein; Mandy Rose, DCRC Director


Fellowship opportunities exist in the BVRL, a new space for VR and AR research, development, product design, teaching, company incubation and investment that opens in January 2018 to complement the highly-successful Pervasive Media Studio in which UWE Bristol is a partner. The BVRL is a collaborative experimental and innovation environment founded on a partnership between UWE, the University of Bristol, Watershed and Opposable VR, with additional partners including the BBC and We the Curious science centre. Fellows in the BVRL will benefit from the opportunity to work alongside research projects already underway, including EPSRC Virtual Realities – Immersive Documentary Encounters.


Proposed projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Content generation and production, using CGI or 360-degree filming. What processes and applications are being utilised for the production of cinematic VR? How are approaches to linear content production being reconfigured as linear producers start to work in VR? What is of value in those traditions in designing experiences for VR? What are the emerging grammars of 360 video?
  • Experimental interfaces for immersive experiences in extended reality (XR), including haptics, tangible objects, and spatialized audio. What role will haptic interfaces, interactions with tangible objects, and spatialised sound play in immersive experiences? How might multi-sensory interactions with XR contribute to a deeper sense of Presence within Immersive Environments and experiences? What new forms of creative content can we imagine for near future immersive experiences? What are the affordances of XR that set it apart from designing for other creative media content?


Contact: Mandy Rose –