Partners: Bristol Legible City Project/Bristol-Based CityID

Base: UWE Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR)

Mentor: Professor Carinna Parraman


UWE’s Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to undertake a collaborative project with Bristol Legible City, CityID and the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). City ID are urbanists, planners and designers with a global reputation for improving the legibility and experience of cities and transport systems. CFPR, established in 1998, is a cross-disciplinary team of internationally acclaimed researchers who conduct practical research into the artistic, historical and industrial significance of design and creative print practices, processes and technologies, involving collaborations with many practitioners, institutions and commercial users.


In 1996, Bristol Legible City was conceived by the City Council to improve people’s understanding and navigation of the city. Bristol Legible City projects include visitor information, on-street city and area information panels and printed walking maps. The successful candidate will be based at the CFPR working in our fully equipped colour and print studio and supervised by Professor Carinna Parraman. The fellow will work with Nat Roberton of Bristol Legible City on the development of the city’s pedestrian wayfinding system. The team will work in consultation with City ID and RNIB to explore tactile maps and digital methods to enhance navigation around Bristol. The fellow will undertake experiments into fabrication methods to create tactile taxonomies and map prototypes for the visually impaired that can be cheaply produced using recycled paper, but robust enough to incorporate Braille dots and raised textured symbols. The project will be of direct use in Bristol but has potential to create a model for other cities and commercialise tactile products and services that can be scaled to museums or other public spaces.


The ideal candidate will have a PhD in a suitable field and technical knowledge and skills in design, computer-based modelling and CNC rapid prototyping technology.


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