Partners: Bristol Medical Simulation Centre

Base: UWE Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR)

Mentors: Dr Peter Walters; David Huson


UWE’s Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to undertake a collaborative project between the CFPR and the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre (BMSC). The BMSC established in 1997, is a state-of the art training centre for medical staff including surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and other specialists which provides a healthcare environment using human patient simulators (physical manikins) and equipment. The CFPR, established in 1998, is a cross-disciplinary team of internationally acclaimed researchers who conduct practical research into the artistic, historical and industrial significance of design and creative print practices, processes and technologies, involving collaborations with a variety of practitioners, institutions and commercial users.


The successful candidate will be based at the CFPR working in our fully equipped 3D print lab and will be supervised by Dr Peter Walters and David Huson. The team will collaborate with the BMSC to design, fabricate and test a realistic proof-of-concept human patient simulator with sufficiently realistic tactile and physical properties for surgical simulation. Its design requires an artistic, aesthetic approach derived from sculpture/creative model-making as well as technical knowledge and skills in design and digital fabrication. After a period of intensive training, the fellow will be build, test and evaluate a prototype. If successful, this pilot project has strong potential to attract further funding (e.g. National Institute for Health Research/Wellcome Trust) to develop commercial applications.


The ideal candidate will have a PhD in a suitable field and technical knowledge and hands-on skills in design and digital fabrication (CAD, 3D printing and/or CNC Milling).


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