Available Studentships

Below, we have listed 5 studentships, grouped under the AHRC’s two key areas – Design and the Creative Sector – and each is aligned to one or more of the nine themes identified in the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund identified on our NPIF general information page. The 3D3 consortium have been awarded up to 12 studentships, based on merit. Though each studentship is distinct, there are significant cross-overs including developments in VR, AI, Robotics, Human Computer Interface (HCI) and the impact of digital technologies on the creative industries. The named Director of Studies and the supervisors will be drawn from over 50 academic staff currently supervising doctorates across 3D3 who have the capacity, expertise and experience of collaborating with industry to undertake effective supervision.

A) Design and manufacturing materials of the future

1. Designing improved technology interface with care home residents.
Host Institution: Falmouth: Creative Connected Communities
Partners: Cornwall Care and Tremorvah Industries
Director of Studies: Dr. Michael Scott
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B) Other Design and Manufacturing Processes

2. Development of creative, digital human-computer interfaces (HCI): researching how to design radical new flexible design interfaces and how to make such systems accessible for industry and creative practitioners.
Host Institution: UWE: Centre for Fine Print Research
Partners: Renishaw and Mitsubishi
Director of Studies: Prof. Carinna Parraman
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C) Technologies for the Creative Industries

3. Virtual Realities: exploring the language and grammar of spatial storytelling for non-fiction.
Host Institution: UWE: Digital Cultures Research Centre.
Partners: BBC and The Guardian
Director of Studies: Patrick Crogan/ Mandy Rose
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4. Experience design for sensory storytelling: investigating production methods in creative media forms which engage the senses beyond the audio-visual, experimenting with emerging creative technologies to engage with audiences/users beyond the screen.
Host Institution: UWE: Digital Cultures Research Centre
Partners: Pervasive Media Studio and Crossover Lab
Director of Studies: Judith Aston
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5. Attention and engagement in digital media production: investigating companies and organisations that work in the emerging creative digital economy and how their use of digital technologies, models of production and audience reach differ from those of established media through a series of case studies.
Host Institution: UWE: Digital Cultures Research Centre
Partner: TBC
Director of Studies: Prof. Andrew Spicer/ Prof. Jon Dovey
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