Partners: BBC R&D; Visit Cornwall

Base: Falmouth Creative Connected Communities Research Centre, Falmouth University

Mentors: Erik Geelhoed; Dr David Prior


This fellowship explores the potential for emerging AR technologies to transform visitor engagement with heritage sites. As a growing number of heritage organisations have embraced interactive screen and sound technologies to enhance interpretation experiences, the sector now faces the challenge of visitors sometimes engaging more deeply with media than they do with the sites themselves.


New advances in AR technology allow us to explore new, more porous and reflexive relationships between the physical environment and audio-visual content. This fellowship focusses on developing effective ways of harnessing the potential of AR to enable stewards of heritage sites to better facilitate dialogue between heritage sites and the media designed to be experienced there.  Working with mentors with an extensive background in experience design and in close partnership with both BBC R&D’s new AR lab and Visit Cornwall, we believe that this fellowship has the potential to for significant social, cultural and commercial impact in Cornwall and elsewhere.


We anticipate that candidates will have a PhD in an area related to the call and that if called to interview, they would be able to outline an imaginative, original interpretation of the above brief, evidencing relevant past experience.


Contact: David Prior –