Photo Credit: 'Exposure' (2012) by Prof Mike Phillips (i-DAT, Plymouth University)

Please note that our deadline for submitting Expressions of Interest closes on 9th February 2018.

The purpose of the EoI process is to: ensure that your proposed research is appropriate for the consortium and, if so, in which institution and research unit; ensure that you are appropriately qualified to undertake this research with a reasonable chance of being funded; offer some support and feedback to those applicants who are invited to submit full applications.


While you may apply for a 3D3 studentship without submitting an EoI, the consortium is unable to offer you advice or guidance on your application if you do not. Students who submitted an EoI last year, and who were encouraged to take their application forward as a result, had a far greater chance of success in the studentship competition. We are also unable to consider any EoIs that arrive after the deadline of 9th February 2018.

Your EoI should comprise:
A one page CV, indicating your educational qualifications and relevant artistic, creative and professional experience;
A project proposal of no longer than 2 x A4 pages (Arial 11 point font), which should include:
  • At the top of the document, the title of your proposed project and, if known, your proposed institution/research unit/supervisors.
  • Most of the following information: an explanation of your general topic or area of research; your indicative research questions or problem; the significance of your research (and in what fields); an explanation of any key terms; brief research context (e.g. historical and critical perspective of topic; identification of significant literature); your research methodology (and, in particular, how practice features within it); a sense of the knowledge and understanding you anticipate gaining through the project.
  • If you know that you would like to work with one of our named project partners (see the individual institutional pages on this website), then please indicate this and explain how and why.

Please note that you may submit 2 different project proposals – but we will only read the first two pages of each one (if longer than 2 pages each), and only the first page of a CV. We will not engage with or respond to any other material you send.


Send your EoI to


Your EoI will be considered by the 3D3 Co-Directors as well as by a relevant research unit co-ordinator.


We aim to reply to your EoI within two weeks of the EoI deadline.


If, based on your EoI, we invite you to submit a full application, we will either confirm, or else you will be put in touch with, the research unit/supervisor we think is most appropriate for your project. If you have submitted more than one proposal, we will indicate which one we think that you should pursue.


If, having submitted an EoI, we do not recommend that you submit a full application, you will be told whether this is due to: 1) the focus of your research and/or our ability to supervise and support the proposed project; 2) your eligibility or preparedness to undertake the project (e.g. previous qualifications and experience); 3) the articulation, description and/or expression of the project, its significance or methodology.  We are unable to engage in any further discussion about your application. Please note that you may still choose to apply for a 3D3 studentship but, as this is a time-consuming process, we do not recommend that you do so. You may submit a new EoI and apply again to the 3D3 studentship competition next year.