Proposed Director of Studies: Professor Eduardo Miranda


Professional Partner: Grey London


Project Details: 


The overall aim of this project is to develop an AI approach to computer-aided music composition based on Deep Learning. More specifically, this research will look into adapting a technology developed by Google to process images, referred to as DeepDream, for processing music.


DeepDream has inspired academic research into the visual cortex and into Art History. DeepDream’s most obvious usage is to better understand how neural network weights are working internally.  This project will explore how this may be used in the context of ambient music, which is relatively freeform and therefore amenable to neural networks originally designed for image usage.


The PhD candidate will be working with ICCMR team and in collaboration with designers at Grey London ( to develop Deep-Music-Dream, DeepDream inspired technology to generate variations of given pieces of music and also new compositions.


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