Photo Credit: 3D and Rapid Prototyping Research (Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol)

Applying for a PhD Studentship

Before applying for a PhD studentship, please ensure that you have read our General Information and Eligibility page.


We expected potential applicants to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) by the deadline of 9th February 2018, to determine the suitability of their project for the consortium and (if this is the case) to ensure that their application is submitted to the most appropriate institution and research unit.  If you submitted an EoI and we do not invite you to submit a full application, you may still do so, although this is not recommended. You may apply for a studentship without having submitted an EoI but you will not have the opportunity to receive feedback from the 3D3 consortium prior to submitting an application. (Individual research units and supervisors within the consortium may still be in a position to do so, but we are unable to guarantee this.)


To apply for a PhD studentship, you must use the application form specific to the 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training. You can download this form below.


We have prepared detailed guidelines to help you complete the application, which you can also download below. Please read these carefully and ensure that you adhere to the character limits and provide any supplementary material that is required. Applicants who exceed the character limit of Section 7 of the application form will be disqualified from the competition.


The 3D3 application form will ask you to tell us at which institution you intend to be based, but all the applications must be sent to UWE Bristol in the first instance as the administrative centre for the consortium:


All Expressions of Interest, application forms and supplementary application materials must be sent to 3d3@uwe.ac.uk


Applications that do not arrive by 5 pm on 12th March 2018 will not be considered.


The 3D3 co-ordinator at UWE Bristol will send your application to the relevant institution where it will be considered in detail by the staff who are potential supervisors. If your application is considered to be high quality and can be adequately supervised, you will be invited to interview at the institution in which you are to be based. Final decisions will be made after interviews have taken place at all 3 institutions (please see ‘Key Dates’ below).


Supplementary Material

In addition to your application form, and at the same time, you will need to submit some additional documents and material. These include a CV (3 pages maximum), evidence of your English language qualifications (if you do not have a degree from a UK institution), a sample of critical writing (3000 words maximum), and evidence of your ability to undertake the practice-led research you are proposing (e.g. a DVD, portfolio, links to website, reviews, catalogue, etc.). You also must enclose an Equal Opportunities monitoring form (which you can download below).


Please note that no other supplementary material will be considered by the studentship selection panel (e.g. an extended proposal or personal statement/covering letter or essays/theses over 3000 words).


You will also need to arrange for two references to arrive by the application deadline (12th March 2018). You can download a reference form below (please fill in the top section and send it to  your referees to complete). These must be sent directly to 3d3@uwe.ac.uk by your referees, and not attached to your application.


Key Dates

9 February 2018: Deadline for Expressions of Interest (EoI)
12 March 2018:  Deadline for studentship applications
9 – 11 April 2018:  Interviews held for PhD studentships
9th April: Falmouth
10th April: Plymouth
11th April: Bristol
Week beginning 16 April 2018: Awards announced
1 July 2018: Deadline for accepting award
1 October 2018:  Studentships begin (please note that some  induction events may take place in late September)