Proposed Director of Studies: Professor Teresa Dillon


Project Partners: TBC


Project Details:


This project is concerned with the impact of artificial intelligence for rights and accessibility to city resources, and AI’s use to make determinations and predictions in high stakes domains such as city and community resource allocation, law enforcement and education.


It is anticipated that the research will explore what this means for citizens and local councils/senates in the era of algorithmic governance. The practice-based work may critically engage with the Smart City, including corporate data ownership, management and maintenance, data enclosure and colonisation or pose alternatives models of data management, including self-hosted and community led data initiatives.


The PhD researcher will work closely with contributors to the South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN), a regional consortium led by UWE in partnership with creative enterprise partners Watershed and Kaleider, which aims to drive digital innovation across the South West in three challenge areas, Immersion, Automation and Data, and will enjoy the benefits of involvement in that research and development community.


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