Proposed Director of Studies: Professor Michael Punt


Project Partner: Torbay Hospital Trust


Project Details:


Transtechnology Research has a formal funded research collaborations with Torbay Hospital Trust concerned with  aspects of clinical training and the use of simulation and virtual reality technologies as adjuncts to traditional training strategies. The key concern that we share is the extent to which user interaction with various simulation technologies can be harnessed to combine technical skills with human factors. Key to this research are techniques for capturing user participation as an active feature of the simulation experience.  We are moving toward one possible resolution to this through critical approaches to parallel distributed processing as a theoretical model for AI. In this context we are especially concerned with developing approaches that join bioengineering and simulators that require low capital investment so that they may be deployed in emerging economies.


This proposal follows on from our EU funded work with theoretical cognitive scientists on creativity and perception. We intend  to use a PhD researcher working between computer sciences and the arts and humanities to engage with the history of intelligent simulation in a clinical training context using an integrated approach and to develop prototypes that harness user responses  that are appropriate for use in Kenya where we currently share a project in training simulation. They will work between Transtechnology Research, Torbay Hospital Trust, and our Kenyan Partners to define the problem and to propose solutions in which both systemic and parallel  low cost AI paradigms might be valuable for clinical training at the post stage 5 level.


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