Peter McCallion

Tactile Maps for a Legible Bristol (UWE Bristol: Centre for Fine Print Research) 2018 -

This fellowship addresses several core themes of the government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper, combining a focus on sectoral needs in the health, tourism and heritage industries with enquiry into the uses of digital technologies. Peter is scoping and researching appropriate methods of tactile map making and maps for the visually impaired that could improve their navigation around the city of Bristol. This includes computer-based modelling and CNC rapid prototyping technology to create a tactile taxonomy for map prototypes that would be cheaply produced using recycled paper, but robust enough to incorporate Braille dots and raised textured symbols.


Peter was awarded his doctorate from UWE in 2017, his PhD was an investigation of methods for the reproduction in continuous tone of digitally printed colour artworks. As computational models for image analysis are beginning to exhaust the limits of imaging, the field of human based perceptual models is a growing field with a greater interest in the perceptual attributes of colour, tone and texture, specifically the three-dimensional rendering of texture. Peter examined the transition from 2D to 3D imaging and the printing of continuous tone photographic colour imagery where the tonal gradations were directly proportional to the deposition thickness of the printing inks.


Twitter: @printpeter