emma whittaker

Emma Whittaker

Discriminate AR (Falmouth University: Academy of Music and Theatre Arts) 2018 -

How can visitors’ experiences of heritage and landscapes be enhanced by augmented and mixed reality applications that create porous and reflexive relationships between the location and audio/visual content? This research investigates ‘Discriminate Augmented Reality’: narrative, minimal audio, visual and linguistic cues to heighten concentration and deepen visitors’ engagement sites and environments, where the presence of their smartphone is peripheral and timely.


How can ‘Discriminant AR’ expand visitors’ awareness and knowledge of their immediate surroundings? The combination of strategies used in the research includes, smartphone hardware to trigger narratives and indicate visitor proximity to wildlife sites and natural and archaeological features of the landscape, attention focusing techniques, recorded and live playback of sound, together with the re-presentation of GIS data in sites to which it pertains.


Taking place in Cornwall, this research uses the iterative development of smartphone apps, incremental testing with user groups and ethnographic methods to evaluate and gain insights into the experience of ‘Discriminate AR’.


Project Partner: Visit Cornwall


Email: emma.whittaker@falmouth.ac.uk


Website: www.trulyimagined.org


Website: www.expandednarrative.org